Harrisburg officer honored for not returning fire during chase

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A city police officer has been honored for his composure and restraint while being shot at during a chase this week.

Officer Angel Diaz was presented with The Mayor’s Award for Valor during a ceremony at Harrisburg’s Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. City Government Center Friday.

Mayor Eric Papenfuse congratulated Diaz for his actions early Wednesday morning.

Diaz, while in his vehicle chasing robbery suspects, was shot at several times by 20-year-old suspect Shawn McCoy, according to police.

One shot, officials say, went through Diaz’s car door and landed right next to him.

Diaz has been with the department for over a year, he served in Afghanistan and was raised in Harrisburg.

“Here you have one of our most junior officers showing the type of leadership that we really want to expect. We have a situation completely unlike what we’re seeing nationally, where restraint is used and good judgment is used,” Papenfuse said.

Mayor Papenfuse said that in the wake of recent national events in places like South Carolina, his department makes a point to let resident know they work in a different way.

“We’ve been working to combat that narrative, and we’ve been working to make sure that they understand that here in Harrisburg we have a different type of policing philosophy. We have a compassionate policing philosophy, one that is out to prevent violence, to work with the community,” Papenfuse said.

“We brought about a quick resolution to the problem; it was also a peaceful resolution to the problem. No one was harmed,” Police Chief Tom Carter said.

“We’re here to protect and to serve. We are not here to bring any harm to anyone,” he added.
McCoy surrendered to police Thursday.

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