Shawn McCoy, accused of shooting at police, arrested

Shawn McCoy

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The manhunt for Shawn McCoy is over; the 20-year-old is now behind bars.

Police say McCoy was involved in a robbery early Wednesday morning, and opened fire at a police car chasing him.

Thursday evening, Harrisburg police and U.S. Marshals took him into custody—and it was actually Police Chief Tom Carter himself who convinced him to surrender.

Chief Carter walked abc27 through the day’s events: “Earlier today, with the help of the FBI Task Force and the U.S. Marshals, we were able to ping his cell phone,” Chief Carter explained.

City police and other agencies followed the ping to a row of homes near Market and Evergreen streets, then started going door-to-door in their search.

Then Chief Carter got a call on his cell phone: “I got a call from his lawyer, then Shawn called me. We held a conversation. He was scared, and we assured him nothing was going to happen to him.”

Chief Carter says the 20-year-old was worried about his own safety. “His concerns were that we were going to shoot him down, and I assured him that was not going to happen, and I was able to win over his trust.”

Carter says he remained on the phone with McCoy as the situation came to an end. “He came out, and we talked on his cell phone until he opened up the door, and he wanted me to be the person to cuff him. There were no shots fired, he was not injured, no officers were injured; everybody did an excellent job.”

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