Traffic deaths in Pennsylvania hit record low

The number of traffic deaths in Pennsylvania hit a record low in 2014, according to PennDOT.

The state tracks traffic fatality data using the Pennsylvania Crash Information Tool. PennDOT says the number of traffic deaths totaled 1,195, which is the lowest number since the state began keeping record of traffic deaths in 1928.

The Pennsylvania Crash Information Tool also analyzes the types of crashes. Based on the data, PennDOT says the number of highway deaths dropped in 2014 for crashes where the victim was unbuckled, drinking-driver-related and hit-tree crashes when compared to 2013.

Unbuckled fatalities dropped from 425 to 383. Deaths in drinking-driver related crashes declined to from 342 to 294. Fatalities in hit-tree crashes decreased from 254 to 221.

Fatalities increased in crashes, including those involving hit utility poles and drowsy or sleeping drivers.

The Pennsylvania Crash Information Tool displays data showing the number of crashes, people involved, or vehicles involved and can be filtered by timeframe, county or municipality and by various crash characteristics. To view the tool, click here.

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