Local law enforcement experts speak out on SC shooting

Retired Harrisburg police captain Annette Oates spent 28 years on the job, and she has seen a lot over the years—but she says she was taken aback by the video of the shooting death of Walter Scott.

Before the video surfaced, the police department said Officer Michael Slager opened fire because he felt threatened after Scott grabbed his stun gun. Oates said the video may not support that claim. “I don’t know what happened after they got out of the vehicle,” said Oates, “but he was at a great length away from Scott, and in my opinion it didn’t appear he was in fear for his life.”

Annette says Officer Slager had an opportunity to wait for backup, because Scott was in retreat. “When you draw that gun you already made the decision that I am going to use it,” said Oates, “or there is a very good chance I will use it.”

Oates says it might be a good idea for the North Charleston police officers to go through some training. “It effects the whole department, because any officer could have been in that same situation,” said Oates. “The shooting will likely have officers reflecting on what happened.”

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