How to get a Narcan prescription

Narcan can be prescribed by your doctor, you simply have to walk in and ask.

“This is legal I can ask for a script for my loved one, as a third party and then I can have it on hand to administer,” said York County Coroner Pam Gay.

Gay says they’ve detailed a step-by-step guide for anyone interested in getting their hands on the wonder drug.

“Family members should really have this narcan on board so they can give it administer it when they see those signs of an overdose,” said Gay.

Here’s what you need to do, first make an appointment with your doctor. At the office you can talk to the doctor and decide which form of narcan best fits your needs. Take the prescription to your local pharmacy or drug store. If they do not have it in stock, they can order it for you and lastly, if you’d like, you can train yourself on how to administer narcan at

“It’s incredibly safe it’s fast acting so if you would have another medication in your cabinet for heart disease why wouldn’t you have this for opioid addiction,” said Audrey Gladfelter with the York/Adams County Drug Commission.

A pharmacist at a local CVS in York County said they’ve filled a few narcan prescriptions. It costs around $58 and some insurance companies do cover it. To get a letter signed by Secretary Tennis click here.

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