Author Spotlight: Heather Paterno’s ‘H is for Hershey’

“A” is for “apple” and “B” is for bear, but “A” is also for “amusement park” and “B” is also for “Bears” as in the Midstate hockey team. You will find the ABC’s of Hershey, Pennsylvania in the newly released book “H is for Hershey” by Heather Paterno who came up with the idea 11 years ago after seeing a similar book in another town.

“Immediately I thought I could do this for Hershey,” Paterno said on Good Day PA on abc27. “There were some challenging ones. ‘Q,’ ‘X’ come to mind, ‘J.’ That’s, I think , why it took 11 years of tinkering on my laptop in order to finally get comfortable with what I had.”

In the book, “Q” is for “quality” that Milton Hershey aimed for in his product, “X is for “x-large Hershey bar” and “J” is for the “Japanese Garden” at Hershey Gardens.

When it came time for illustrations for the Hershey-focused work, Paterno wondered if she would have to create them herself. Then, she came across the Hershey Centennial Collage — an art collection by members of the Hershey Area Art Association.

“All of the images were on display at the [Hershey-Derry] Township Historical Society so I reached out to them and they actually owned the majority of the images,” Paterno explained. “There area few that we had to come up with afterwards. But they embraced the images.”

“H is for Hershey” can be purchased through the publisher, Sunbury Press and also through the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society. When purchased through the historical society, all proceeds benefit the society.

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