Baseball flyer stirs a debate in Steelton

Steelton Borough Council member Denae House is trying to raise $1,500 for a new baseball team for the Steelton Youth in Action after-school program, which she started three years ago.

The police department was on board to donate $200 until they saw a flyer that said, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” on it. Members of the police department donate a portion of their paychecks to a fund that is used to help community organizations.

The police sent a text to House indicating that their association had changed their vote because the majority felt the slogan was anti-police, and they would not donate the money. House says the logo is not anti-police. She says it’s a learning tool, especially for young people.

“That logo sends a message to our children to respect our officers and respect the law…to teach our children to respect the law not make any situations worse,” House said.

House says she has a good relationship with the police department, and that will continue along with her efforts to raise money for the baseball team.

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