York College slaps sorority with 4-year suspension

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – York College handed out a four-year suspension to sorority Theta Phi Alpha after an investigation found there was hazing and underage drinking going on behind closed doors.

“This is behavior that will not be tolerated here at the college,” Assistant Dean Mary Dolheimer said. “Members of Theta Phi Alpha entered a residence hall on campus and were visibly drunk.”

Dolheimer said most participants were under the age of 21, but the violations did not end there.

“Members within the organization were required to perform a particular act in the expectation that would grant them entrance into the organization,” she said. “This was a fair penalty based on the potential for physical harm to some of our students. The current membership will have graduated and the organization in four years will have a fresh start.”

Some students say the punishment was warranted.

“A four-year suspension, it’s not harsh. I would say it’s reasonable,” senior Alex Aponte said. “It’s shocking to hear that this stuff happens, but I’m glad the school actually did something about it.”

But the student body is split on the decision.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s beyond harsh and it’s over the top,” sophomore Joel Teston said. “A few of my friends are in Theta Phi Alpha and they told me that it wasn’t true at all, they weren’t hazed.”

The sorority has 40 members. York College did not say how many were involved, but some could be suspended or expelled.

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