Pa. Game Commission to meet demand for eagle watchers

HANOVER, Pa. (WHTM) – A pair of bald eagles watched by thousands of people on live-streaming video have become an Internet sensation, especially now that their two eggs have hatched.

There’s been so much interest and enthusiam, however, that the live stream can’t keep up with the demand. Many faithful followers of the eagles at Codorus State Park have been unable to watch them on the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website since the first egg hatched Monday.

“We had massive traffic to our website, so much that our stream couldn’t sustain all the people who were trying to view it,” Game Commission spokesman Travis Lau said.

Lau says the solution is in the works.

“The new server is going online, is my understanding, and things are getting better all the time,” he said.

More viewers are expected over the next several weeks as the eaglets grow.

“As their feathers develop, as their wings develop, as they generally get stronger, you’ll see them moving their wings around, you’ll see them stretching out,” Lau said.

The eaglets should take their first flights by early summer. By that time, they will look like adult eagles – except they’ll be missing one key feature.

“It takes a few years for the white feathers to come in on their heads,” Lau said. “Juvenile bald eagles will resemble more of a golden eagle.”

The live stream can be found at

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