Officials warn of “dumping and hauling” as spring cleaning begins

As the weather warms up many people will begin spring cleaning and cleaning up often means cleaning out closets and garages.

Dauphin County officials want to remind residents to dispose of their trash properly.

“Folks are taking trash and dumping it on abandoned properties, dumping it in alleyways in the city and in the suburbs,” says Commissioner Mike Pries.

Dumping and hauling is illegal and Dauphin County Commissioners take it seriously.

“We have a full-time enforcement officer who is out there looking for individuals, looking for dump sites and citing those individuals when we find out who they are,” says Pries.

Criminals can be fined up to $1,000 but they aren’t the only ones that will have to pay. If the trash does not get taken to the Harrisburg Incinerator, it could cost all residents since the incinerator is required to meet a contracted tonnage. County officials say if it doesn’t, it could cause trash disposal fees to increase for everyone.

To report illegal dumping in Dauphin County, call 717-982-6772.

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