Caped Crusaders raise money for wounded veterans

Rebel Heart Dance Group recently raised $4,300 dollars for the Wounded Warriors Project, which earned the group this month’s Central Penn Parent Magazine Caped Crusader award.

“I don’t remember the last time we got an award, so it was nice,” dancer Martin Manning said.

“We perform because it’s something we enjoy doing, but it’s a unique experience for dancers to not only be on a stage with talented bands but also to be raising that money for a good cause,” founding director Miss.Stephanie said.

This isn’t the only project the dancers have stepped up to help. They put on a show and handed over $6,500 to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Rebel Heart does other community events, too.

“I was really impressed by all that they are doing for the community. Besides Celtic celebrations, they visit nursing homes, libraries, day care centers and do performances.” said Colleen Jones, who nominated Rebel Heart for the Caped Crusader award.

To read more about Rebel Heart, check out Central Penn Parent Magazine.

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