Apple Watch unveiled, just tap your wrist to reach your friend

A number of big announcements came Monday during Apple’s event including specifics about its much anticipated Apple Watch.

SAN FRANCISCO (MEDIA GENERAL) – Apple always serves up announcements that get talked about and this year is no exception.

A number of big announcements came Monday during Apple’s event including specifics about its much anticipated Apple Watch.
Apple Watch:

“It’s the most personal device we’ve ever created,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple Watch includes lots of display and design options including a customizable display and even Mickey Mouse. You can also swipe to change the display.

You can do all of the following:

  • Read and respond instantly to messages, full emails
  • Take phone calls when connected to iPhone
  • You can connect Apple Watch to Apple Watch with Digital Touch
    • You can send your heartbeat to another person
    • You can draw on your watch and someone else can see it
    • You can even touch your watch to get someone else’s attention
  • Health tracker: Tracks daily movement, reminds you if you’ve been sitting too long
  • Pay with Apple pay, control photos, music, interface with Siri using your voice
  • Get any notification you get on phones with your watch
  • Connect to social media, keep track of daily news as it happens
  • Load boarding passes on your watch, load hotel keys on your watch

It will have an 18 hour battery life, according to Apple. The watches start at $349 for the entry level Sport model. The mid-range models start at $549 for a 38mm. There’s a Watch Edition in 18-karat gold that will sell for $10,000. Apple has set a release date of April 10.

Apple also unveiled more announcements on Monday. Here’s a breakdown:

Apple TV:

Apple TV’s price is dropping. From $99 to $69, Apple TV is now available for much less.

Apple & HBO Now:

At the same time, Apple is the exclusive partner for the launch of HBO Now, HBO’s stand-alone service. The cost of HBO Now will be $14.99 per month starting in April. If you order in April, you get the first month free and you get HBO Now in time for the season premiere of Game of Thrones.

Apple Research:

Apple has worked with major medical research institutions to revolutionize medical research. They’ve started with five apps that allow people anywhere to contribute to research if they so choose. For example mPower, works on Parkinson’s disease by allowing the iPhone to monitor hand tremors, and vocal cord modulation.

Other diseases with apps include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and breast cancer. Apple made very clear in the presentation that you decide what studies you participate in, how your data is shared and Apple will not see the data. The five apps are being released right away.


The re-invented MacBook is very thin, and light. It weighs just two pounds making it the lightest Mac ever. It’s just 13.1 mm thin, making it thinner than the MacBook Air. It has a full size keyboard all the way to the edge.

The newly created keyboard includes a more accurate typing mechanism. The display is 12 inches. It’s also absent a fan and operates silently.

Apple also claims the new MacBook has a better battery including nine hours of wireless web, and ten hours of movie playback. It will have one new connector to support HDMI, USB, VGA, and power. “That will piss people off,” said techradar as it live blogged the event. The one cable will be USB-C. The basic cost will be $1,299.

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