Thrifty Thursday: Starting seeds for next to nothing

toilet paper rolls

On Good Day PA on March 5, HowIPinchaPenny‘s Sarah Mock shared six super easy and inexpensive tricks for starting your Spring planting indoors.

Use your empty eggshells filled with potting soil to start your seeds. The wonderful thing about these is that they go straight into the ground once the seeds are sprouted and the shells give the plants extra calcium!

Toilet Paper tubes
Cut 1” slits in the end of toilet paper tubes and fold them to form a base (we will demonstrate this in the segment.)
Secure with tape and fill with dirt.
Write the type of seed on the side of the tubes.
The tubes are biodegradable so you can plant the whole thing!

Paper towel strips
This method is great for seeds that get planted directly in the ground and need a specific spacing.
Use a folded over paper towel and lines of glue to create little pockets for the seeds.
Plant the entire strip in the dirt! The seeds are secure in the paper towel as they germinate.

Newspaper pots
Use a strip of newspaper and wrap it around the bottom of a can or jar.
Cut slits and fold to form a bottom.
Secure with tape

Inverted Soda Bottles 
This method is great for larger plants that need more room to grow beyond a small pod.
Add a strip of paper towel to the neck of the bottle to help the water wick up to the soil. It also keeps the dirt from falling out.
Remove the top portion and easily fill the bottom.

Plastic baggies
Moisten a paper towel and place a couple of seeds in the paper towel. Close up the baggie and it forms a green house.
This is a fun way for kids to see how seeds germinate.
Once they have started to grow be sure to transfer them to soil so they are able to absorb more nutrition.


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