PennDOT: Salt supply in good shape

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Deelamar Jones spent his Thursday pushing a snow blower. He said the chore has been routine the past two months, but views it all in perspective.

“I’ve had worse,” he said. “This is not bad at all; better than Boston.”

Even Governor Tom Wolf attempted to look on the brighter side. He rolled up to the PennDOT salt dome off Herr Street to greet state employees.

“Spring is coming,” he said. “Spring is actually coming.”

Warmer weather was hard to fathom during one of this season’s biggest storms. According to ABC 27’s weather almanac, the end of March historically has seen snow (9 inches in 1942 even).

PennDOT spokesman Mike Crochunis said the 96,000 tons of salt the state began with this winter still has life.

“We’re in better shape than what we were last year,” he said. “We have plenty under roof and we’re good for a few more storms this year.”

Several municipalities have reported shortages on salt and have asked the state for help.

“We don’t have a blanket OK, but when municipalities come to us with a need we do the best we can,” Wolf said.

Like he did in York County, Wolf greeted several plow drivers before they embarked on a 12-hour shift. PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards said the gesture is not overlooked.

“It means so much to them to know that the governor really cares for them,” she said. “They’ll be working late tonight when a lot of us are safe in our homes.”

Wolf also gave a nod to future work and said the budget appears to be strong headed into another busy season: pothole season.

“We’ll have money to fix the potholes that will inevitably arise from this kind of weather,” he said.

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