Val’s Kids: Nasir

Nasir is Hershey Park happy. The teen describes himself. “I’m determined, and I’m funny” said Nasir. His humor shows when it comes to rollercoasters.

“You might hear me scream like a little girl once I get on one of those!” said Nicere.

“He has a good sense of humor, and once you get to know him he has a very playful side, and he can kind of be the life of the party. He is polite, he tries to be a gentleman, like to open doors for the women, that type of thing” said Adoption Worker Karen Knodel.

Nasir is very active. “Either playing sports, going out with my friends you know,” said Nasir. As for his plans for the future: “I’m going to go through the ROTC through college,” said Nasir.

He knows what he is looking for when it comes to a forever family. “A family that is fun, fair and firm,” said Nasir.

“I think he is really hoping for someone that will love him and care about him and provide him a home, so he can be in a family environment,” said Knodel.

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