Former abc reporter speaks at Messiah College about race relations


michele norris

Black History Month is winding down and hundreds gathered at Messiah College to hear former abc News reporter Michele Norris talk about race relations in the U.S.  Norris says when she first got in the business, she wanted to avoid reporting on race relations, because she feared being pigeonholed.  Thirty years later, she is getting feedback from people around the country about their feelings on race.

Some have told her that African Americans talk too much about race, while others have said that whites feel entitled.  Norris says race is the most difficult topic to discuss honestly in the open, but that is what it will take to move the country forward.

“There is that conversation in the public sphere and there is the conversation when you are in your private space when you are at the beauty shop or the college dorm,” said Norris.  “That conversation is a little different and edgier and it a lot more honest, but if we can get to it, its a lot more productive.

Norris, who is a current host on National Public Radio, has asked people to respond about their feelings on race in six words or less on her blog, “The Race Card Project.”



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