Messiah College conserves during propane shortage

GRANTHAM, Pa. (WHTM) – Messiah College says is it making an effort to conserve propane after its supplier announced a shortage due to cold weather in the Northeast.

The college is asking students to take shorter showers and limit any unnecessary use of hot water through Saturday. In turn, the school is limiting hot food on its menus and establishing temperature controls of 68 degrees in various buildings.

“I wasn’t surprised that with the negative degree weather we’d have to conserve a little bit, encouraged to conserve,” student body president Tim Sensenig said. “So, for me as a student, it really wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Some students said it was a big deal. Although several defended Messiah’s efforts to handle the situation, others vented on social media with complaints about the conservation efforts.

“We have 2,800 students that live on our campus,” executive director of marketing and communications Carla Gross said. “So, there’s a lot of different opinions and perspectives and anytime you’re asked to conserve that’s changing personal habits. And that’s a lot of different personal habits all living in one place.”

Gross told ABC 27 that there was not an easy solution to the problem of the propane shortage. She pointed to statistics showing that Messiah uses more propane in one week than most suppliers put out in one month. She also said liability and insurance were factors into the difficulty of finding a supplement to the propane supply.

On Wednesday, the college managed to find a company to assist with propane supplementation through the shortage. Students are still asked to help conserve through the rest of the week.

Messiah College has a blog post with frequently asked questions to address any student concerns at

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