Harrisburg residents gather to talk about city parking concerns

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Crowne Plaza hosted a Harrisburg parking meeting that was considered to be informative.

Some were residents and some were people who visit the city. They say they had received tickets before their time ran out.

Bob Byers was frustrated that the meeting didn’t start an hour later.

“I think the meeting should have been at 7:00 instead of 6:00, so I would not have had to pay for parking,” Byers said.

Standard Parking released its numbers for January. It reported 60,000 parkers and 5,358 tickets issued. Officials said 143 tickets were dismissed due to system or enforcement officer error.

Many city residents say they are being ticketed the most. Standard Parking officials say they will take a look at changing the neighborhood impact.

Business owners continue to say that more people continue to go across the river. Parking officials say they will consider changing parking times during the week and on weekends. Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse supports that idea.

“I think we can afford to reduce rates and make the system more affordable,” Papenfuse said.

Standard Parking will look to improve technology and to help minimize mistakes. Officials encourage parkers to make sure they input the correct license plate number before they pay for time at the kiosk.

Standard Parking will hold a closed executive session on Wednesday. No date has been set on when changes will be announced.

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