York County Veteran Will Bicycle Around America



“I know that, if it’s possible, I can do it,” said Brian D’Apice.  “That’s just the mentality that I have.”

It’s a confidence level that the 29-year-old Glen Rock resident will need on his upcoming 10-thousand mile plus bicycle ride around the perimeter of the continental United States.


“I’ll start in Times Square in New York City,” he explained, pointing to a national map. “I figured that’s pretty much the most popular place on the East Coast.”

His two-wheel journey will be a year-long fund-raising project to help thousands of what he called “hurting” children in Southeast Asia.  It’s a physically demanding trip he decided to do while teaching English in Thailand and Jakarta. He said the kids have very little in the way of education supplies but strive to learn at every opportunity.

“I thought if those kids just had a solid building with some desks, they would be much better off and in a learning environment.”

Physical challenges with personal risk are nothing new for D’Apice.  His four years with the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Infantry, including two combat tours in Iraq, taught him that impossible is only a word.

“The military showed me that there was nothing I couldn’t handle,” said D’Apice. “Truly, there’s no fear anymore.”

When D’Apice begins his trip in mid-April, he’ll be riding for two charities: Pencils of Promise, which focuses on educational needs in Southeast Asia and Africa….and Connecting Families, which addresses health care issues.

“In general, on riding days, I’ll probably ride between 60 and 80 miles a day,” said D’Apice. “That’s a comfortable amount of mileage to do.”

When not training, D’Apice is busy detailing his route, firming up stop locations along the way and working the social media for potential donors. He will pay his own expenses for the trip with all donations going directly to the charities involved.

For now, it’s a lonely training regimen on a stationary bike with only his dog Ruby to cheer him on, but nothing is impossible for a man who once believed he could leap over tall buildings in a single bound as a 5-year-old Superman.

“The whole thing is exciting,” said D’Apice, “and I know I’m doing it for a good cause. So I’m totally motivated and can’t wait to get started.”

D’Apice earned a Marketing degree from York College between his Army hitch and teaching overseas, so his post-ride plans are still unknown.  He loves business and teaching, so he’ll wait to see what inspires him when he completes the ride.

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