Helping injured vets with personal care drive

More than 150 veterans are being helped at the Lebanon VA Medical Center, along with thousands of outpatients. Dozens of volunteers give a little of their time to support America’s heroes, and now they need you to give a little something too.

“When you come in I.C.U or E.R., you’re not thinking about body wash or soap or stuff like that, you’re just coming in.”

Tracy Seiders is a volunteer at the medical center, and she does think of stuff like that. She makes sure every veteran in the medical center is taken care of, even with the small necessities you might not notice. Tracy’s been a volunteer at the medical center for two years. It hits close to home for her, Tracy’s husband is a veteran.

“Even though these gentlemen and women that go out to war or serve in our military,” she said, “We forget they are why we have what we have today. We have freedom, we have democracy, we have everything that we truly need because these people served, so it’s time to give back.”

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, RSVP, is holding a personal care drive.

“They’re our heroes. They’ve served us, and now it’s time for us to serve them,” said Scott Brubaker. Brubaker is the development coordinator for the RSVP. The veterans need things like body wash, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, lotion, and blankets. One thing that’s desperately needed is shower shoes.

“We can use those at all times,” said Seiders, “here you can’t be barefooted.”

“They need those types of items. They can’t get up and go to the store, and they don’t always have the support of family to go buy those items,” said Brubaker, “that’s where our drive comes in place.”

Just a small gesture can make a big difference. ‘If you give them a new toothbrush,” said Seiders, “their face lights up like a christmas tree.”

Many vets don’t come in with anything, every little bit helps.

“We’re going to make sure we have it. One way or another I’m getting it, so i’ll be knocking on somebody’s door,” said Seiders, “This thing with RSVP, this drive, it will help because this will be supplies that will be coming in and I won’t have to worry about going out there beating feet.”

Bins are scattered throughout the county, including the VA Medical Center. The drive ends on March 6th. For a complete list of the locations and items needed, or if you would like to volunteer with RSVP just log onto

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