Thrifty Thursday: Water Color Mugs

On the monthly Thrifty Thursday segment on Good Day PA, HowIPinchAPenny‘s Sarah Mock showcased how to create simple and inexpensive water color mugs. You lightly dip the outside of the mug into a bowl of water with floating nail polish.

Cost: $1
Use dollar store mugs and nail polishes already at home

-Ceramic Mug
-Nail Polish
-Warm Water
-Large Container
-Optional: stickers

-Swirl the paint with a light touch on the surface of the water.
-Use nail polish remover to remove any unwanted paint.
-Hand wash if you choose to skip the setting step listed below.

To set the paint:
-Place mugs in a cold oven. Turn on the to 400F.
-Once the oven reaches temperature, bake for 15 minutes.
-Allow oven to cool completely before removing.

*Note: The colors may change depending on the paint



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