New smart signals hope to ease congestion on East, West Shores

Drivers may have noticed new cameras popping up at intersections on Route 22 in the Harrisburg area.

PennDOT says they are part of a video detection system that is designed to reduce congestion on the busy roadway.

Essentially the cameras will work in concert to detect the amount of traffic within the 6.6 mile corridor and change the traffic lights accordingly.

“The good thing about this system is it makes those adjustments in real time. So as traffic volumes change, so does the timing of the signals through the corridor,” PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny said.

They cameras are currently being placed. The system is set to go online sometime in the spring, PennDOT says.

But drivers stuck in traffic during peak hours should not get their hopes up that this will shave time off their commute.

“Rush hour in the morning and evening we are over capacity, it’s still going to be slow.  But other than rush hour, it will make a big improvement,” Penny said.

The new system will start at State and 13th Streets in Harrisburg and will end at Allentown Boulevard and Shannon Drive in Lower Paxton Township.

There is another project on the Carlisle Pike and Market Street on the West Shore. It will start from Route 114 and Willow Mill Park Road/Bent Creek Boulevard in Silver Spring Township and end at the Camp Hill Bypass. The stretch is 6.4 miles.

That is set to go live sometime in the summer.

The projects are federally funded.

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