Attorneys suing over Harrisburg gun laws offer ‘no legal fee’ deal

Harrisburg is one of dozens of municipalities across the state that have been sued for their local gun ordnances. While some cities have decided to drop their local laws in order to avoid a legal battle, Harrisburg has remained in the fight. Now, the attorney’s for the group that filed suit have put an offer on the table.

Justin McShane, an attorney representing ‘U.S. Law Shield’ says that they are willing to waive all legal fees if Harrisburg agrees to lift their local gun ordinances.

The offer was handed to the city around noon on Thursday.

McShane says they were hoping for an answer by the close of the business day, but did not get one.

U.S. Law Shield filed suit in early January claiming that local firearm ordinances, such as Harrisburg prohibiting minors to own guns, is illegal because they override state gun laws. Harrisburg officials have defended their laws stating that they offer the necessary protection residents. Officials have also said that they have been granted the power to enforce such laws by the state.

A preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday at the Dauphin County Court House.

McShane hopes that the judge will require Harrisburg to lift its ordinances while court proceedings move forward.

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