Arrested pipeline protesters reach deal

The Conestoga 8 were in court in Millersville Thursday morning. All faced trespassing charges but reached a plea deal to avoid jail time and probation.

One month ago, more than 40 protesters stopped a Williams core drill sample on a registered Native American site.

“We were arrested sitting in front of a sample drill from the pipeline that will run through Lancaster,” said arrested protester Danielle Spagnolo.

Just before the hearing, Williams offered the Conestoga 8 a plea deal.

“They would drop all charges if the Conestoga 8 would avoid stepping on PP&L ground in the future,” said attorney Tom Houghton. “My clients rejected that offer.”

“I will be there every step of the way, I will trespass, I will say no,” said arrested protester Thomas Droege.

They didn’t say no to another plea deal where each of the offenders had to pay $253.

“Williams Partners has invaded our communities, trespassed on our land and threatened our way of life,” said protester Nancy Jeffries.

After court, the protesters went to the Williams Corporation in Lancaster to hand deliver them a letter and a shoe-fly-pie.

“It’s time for them to go home back to Oklahoma they are not wanted here,” said Droge.

Williams Representatives were not on site when the protesters arrived.

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