Val’s Kids: James

James is a soft spoken child who’s spent some time in foster care. “He has goals we just need a family to help him get there.” Katie Juliana, Child Specific Recruitment Specialist said. A family that likes pets. James loves animals. He enjoyed his personal Zoo America tour. “The little fox it was cute and the snapping turtle was fantastic. That skunk adorable and very talented at painting.” said James. James is quite talented too. He does well in school His favorite subjects, social studies and biology. James takes part in J.R.O.T.C. and looks forward to serving our country one day. “I’d like to go into the military for a four year contract and if I’m in for four years they will help to pay for college.” said James. He shared his course of study. “ Veterinary or culinary.” said James. As for what he is searching for when it comes to a permanent family.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a mom or dad, or two moms two dads, I would love to have a pet. It doesn’t matter what kind. I’d also like one that goes to church. That would be the perfect family. Maybe rural area.” said James.

“He just needs a family to guide him into adulthood and learn those skills to be a successful adult.” said  Juliana.

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