Ex-Harrisburg treasurer faces new theft, money laundering charges

John Campbell
John Campbell

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A former Harrisburg treasurer faces new charges of theft and money laundering.

A criminal complaint filed Thursday alleges John Campbell embezzled far more money from Historic Harrisburg Association than what was previously known.

Campbell, 26, allegedly stole approximately $11,841 from HHA by transferring cash advances from the nonprofit’s credit card to his personal bank account.

Authorities said Campbell took the money between April 2013 and May 2014 while he was the organization’s executive director and used it for his personal living expenses.

The complaint alleges that Campbell additionally opened a credit card in Historic Harrisburg’s name and used it for his own vacation and entertainment expenses totaling $11,988.

Campbell resigned as city treasurer in August after authorities said he wrote 10 checks totaling $8,781 to himself from Historic Harrisburg’s Light Up Harrisburg fund.

The following month, additional charges were filed for the theft of $2,750 from the Capitol Region Stonewall Democrats, a political action committee where Campbell served as treasurer.

The new charges bring the total of the alleged thefts to around $35,360.

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