Elizabethville woman shocked by cross burning in her yard

ELIZABETHVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Ashley Brooks moved her family to Elizabethville a few years ago to get a fresh start, and get away from some of the problems associated with living in a big city.

She and her two children have experienced a few bumps during the past three years, but Brooks says what took place last Friday was shocking.

She says when she got home from work, her neighbor told her that something bad had happened while she was gone.

“He said your bush was on fire in front of your house with a burning cross in front of it.” Brooks said. ‘I said what?, and the first thing I did was start crying.”

Ashley’s neighbor told her he put out the fire before it spread to her house and others along the row, and they continued to talk about how the fire started.

“He said the fire department took the cross and they ruled it as a hate crime,” Brooks said. “And I said that is one.”

State police say this case is considered ethnic intimidation. Charges could range from a misdemeanor to a felony.


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