Road crews ready for storms

PennDOT crews will be out all night long plowing and treating roads and bridges. Mechanics will be putting in long hours and will be on duty as long as road crews are out. Mechanic supervisor Colby Penica says his team faces many challenges, and they are expected to produce results.

“We are under the gun, because these truck have to run all the time,” said Penica. “We have to get them in and get them out.” He says it’s not uncommon for his mechanics to travel to a location to fix and truck that broke down.

Penica says his mechanics will work around the clock during snow storms, because every vehicle is vital to the snow removal effort. “We are here before during and after the storm. We’re doing everything from fixing plow blades to oil changes.”

PennDOT says they don’t expect to have a salt shortage at the end of the winter season. Pennsylvania has more than 600,000 tons of road salt and more than 97,000 tons in the District 8 region.

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