Safe Kids Pennsylvania: Sledding Safety

Cities across the United States have banned sledding on city properties due to liability issues. Leaders fear they may face lawsuits or be forced to foot medical bills if children or adults are injured while sledding.

“Over 20,00 children are injured every year because of a sledding accident,” Alison Fulton of Safe Kids Pennsylvania said on Good Day PA.

Fulton recommends that parents assume a supervisory role over sledding and consider some practical measures for helping to promote safe rides down hills.

· Select a safe sledding area (free of obstructions such as trees, fences or roads)
· Keep sledders away from motor vehicles
· Sled feet first not head first (to prevent head injuries)
· Use steerable sleds (rather than snow disks or inner tubes))
· Avoid crowded areas

In addition, helmets can be used to offer additional protection against head injuries.

“It’s recommended. It’s not a law,” Fulton explained. “There are helmets for if you are skiing, if you are snowboarding. That’s a perfectly acceptable helmet to wear when you are sledding. If you don’t have anything, a bicycle helmet is better that nothing.”

For more information on keeping children safe, please visit Safe Kids Pennsylvania.