Governor-elect Wolf speaks about MLK’s influence

Governor-elect Tom Wolf was among a number of speakers at Sunday’s third annual MLK Sunday Supper, which drew in a crowd of several hundred people.

The event took place at the Lincoln Charter School. It was well attended by a diverse group, all there to hear about the impact Dr King’s work has had on today’s society.

Several students were among those who participated in the event. One of them, a 17-year-old, told abc27 that his generation is well aware of the impact Dr King has had on them, saying “he paved the way for African American youth” to be able to do some of the things they can do today. He added that he wants to be a part of the effort to move King’s dream forward.

Tom Wolf addressed the audience telling them we can all follow Dr King’s lead.

“I think the real legacy of Dr King is we respect each other and work together and we each have a role to place in making our society better,” Wolf said.

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