‘DR. MLK’ written on bricks thrown through church windows

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Three churches along State Street in Harrisburg had windows broken by bricks.

Grace United Methodist, Saint Patrick Cathedral, and St. Michael Lutheran workers said the bricks were found to have “DR. MLK” written on them, apparently scribbled in chalk.

Timothy McKenna, who works on State Street, said the acts of vandalism on King’s holiday stung a little more.

“What’s the end goal? What’s the purpose for it?” he questioned. “Really, it’s just doing more to harm the city than anything else.”

None of the stained-glass windows were damaged.

A few blocks away along Green and Briggs streets, Harrisburg police are investigating another rash of vandalism. Several cars, homes, street signs and telephone poles were tagged in white or black spray paint.

Joel Turley said he woke up and saw the damage and alerted his neighbors immediately. church window

“First thing I did was knock on a neighbor’s door and let them know that vandalism has run on their neighborhood again,” Turley said. “Because we have hard working citizens in our neighborhood.”

Police were unable to confirm if the two incidents are related. Officers did leave notes on the cars asking the owners to call for more information.

Disrespect was splattered on many historic homes that date back to pre-Civil War era. Kevin Hancock said he’s lived in the neighborhood for 14 years and is saddened people’s hard work is stained.

“People do take a lot of care of their homes, and they’ve put a lot of money and personal effort into them,” he said.” It’s a shame to see that stuff happen.”

The uncivil disobedience did not break the spirit of unity on the holiday. Instead, the acts have forged neighbors even closer.

“Community awareness is important,” Tulley said. “These neighbors aren’t going to tolerate these kinds of things.”


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