Lancaster mayor vows to fight NRA lawsuit

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray says a lawsuit over a city gun ordinance is nothing more than bullying, and he’s vowing to fight back.

The National Rifle Association filed the lawsuit this week. The group says a city ordinance that requires residents to report lost or stolen guns is illegal under Pennsylvania law.

“The lawyer representing the NRA threatened great costs to us if we would allow this lawsuit to go ahead,” Gray said at a news conference Friday. “Quite frankly, we feel that’s public policy by blackmail.”

Gray and City Council members plan to raise funds for the legal fight. He said the city’s law is not about taking guns away from people, it’s about sensible public safety.

The NRA is taking advantage of a new state law that makes it easier for gun-rights groups to sue municipalities over their local firearms laws.

The group is also suing Philadelphia and Pittsburgh over their gun laws.

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