‘Saluting Washington’ painting to benefit service members

FORT INDIANTOWN GAP, Pa. (WHTM) – Inside Fort Indiantown Gap’s Martin Hall, a special delivery took place: a painting entitled “Saluting Washington.”

“The significance of this moment is the beginning of the Army. It’s the beginning of the Revolution in some ways. It’s the first place General Washington went to inspect troops, was center commons Philadelphia.” said the painting’s creator, Larry Selman of Waynesboro, Franklin County.

“For me personally, this picture has significance because I had a relative that was part of the American Army.” Selman said.

The artist spent months researching every detail of that moment he captured from 1775.

“You are responsible for everything in a picture. Everything. It has to be historically correct,” he said.

Facts from the past are presented as inspiration for those who volunteer to serve our country.

“It’s important to remember we faced challenges in 1775 just as we face challenges today, and we succeeded in ’75 and I’m sure we will succeed today. It’s important for them to see that picture when they come by to do their daily duties,” Adjutant General Major General Wesley Craig said.

A picture Selman calls “a one frame movie.”

“I have to paint this picture like I stood there in June 1775 and watched it happen,” he said. “If I’ve done my job and you are drawn into the picture, that’s where I succeed as an artist.”

“Saluting Washington” will be available in limited edition fine art prints. All proceeds will help soldiers and airmen in need.

For more information: www.pngf.net/


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