Could Paterno’s wins be restored?

Joe Paterno’s wins could be restored and other sanctions placed on Penn State for the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal could also be removed.

Penn State’s bowl ban and loss of scholarships have already been lifted.  The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that one of the remaining sanctions and penalties could be lifted, the 111 wins that were taken away from Joe Paterno, following the scandal.

The university supposedly proposed new terms, but the exact details have not been made public.

Abc27 has heard reports that indicate this is a plea bargain of sorts, that would get rid of testimony from NCAA leaders and some members of the Penn State Board of Trustees in an upcoming trial.

There are also reports that e-mails released as part of the lawsuit have put into question the process by which the NCAA made its original decision.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that there are now discussions with NCAA officials and Penn State about restoring Paterno’s vacated wins to the record books.

Penn State trustees Anthony Lubrano and Al Lord are asking to board chairman, Keith Masser, to reveal the specifics.  But Masser said they are making incorrect presumptions and that making legal details public could damage Penn State.

The lawsuit is scheduled for trial next month.

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