Kids weigh in on sprinkler leak at daycare

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – The kids at Discovery Child Care Center near Middletown certainly have a story to tell their parents tonight. Early this morning, the sprinkler system in one of the classrooms started leaking, causing the fire alarm to go off.

“I rushed in and came into a collapsed ceiling, water pouring out of the ceiling, the building evacuated, fire trucks on site,” said Amy Schreffler, co-owner of Discovery Kids. “It just makes for a little more chaotic morning, but nothing we cannot handle.”

The children were able to stay warm in cars while crews checked out the damage.

“When we got here, the sprinkler system was leaking,” said Aaron Holbrook, project coordinator for C&Z Construction. “Last year, we saw a lot of this when you saw an extended cold period. This year with the cold snap, we are probably going to run into a lot of the same thing, sprinkler systems freezing.”

The kids did not seem to mind all the excitement. For them, it was an adventure.

“I got to see the firemen. There were three of them, ” said 5-year-old Gabriel.

“It was a fun day because I did not have to be in my classroom. We were in the hallway,” 5-year-old Jack said.

It will take a few days for the room to dry out and then the reconstruction process will start. The daycare was able to remain open.

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