Do these winter car care tips work?

We decided to try out some winter car care tips we found on Pinterest. It lists everyday household items, from rubbing alcohol to hand sanitizer, that can be used to get you out of a pinch when cold weather causes problems with your car.

We showed the list to a professional first. Greg Hannold owns Hannold’s Service Center, a car repair shop on Jonestown Road.

“Well, most of them will work,” Hannold said. “If I had to pick the top two, I would say the cooking oil on the door and hand sanitizer for locks.”

Car CareThe list says you can de-ice your lock in seconds by putting hand sanitizer gel on the key and lock.

Spraying cooking oil on the rubber inside your door can prevent it from freezing shut.

“The water runs down in the against the metal and the rubber and that is what sticks. The cooking oil will prevent that, ” Hannold said.

We enlisted the help of ABC27 Meteorologist Ryan Coyle to see if rubbing alcohol on windshield wipers will prevent streaking and squeaking.

“It seems like it might be helping, but I am still hearing that popping sound,” Coyle said. “To me, that could just be my old wipers. I would call it inconclusive.”

There was one tip on the list our pro says you might want to skip. Hannold says rubbing car wax on your headlights will probably keep them clean, but he is afraid it may cause a long-term problem.

“Headlights are porous. It is just plastic, so the wax may actually get into the porous areas of the headlights and create a residue,” he said.

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