Woman who spent last Christmas in coma thanks nurses and doctors

Even though it is still hard for Tina Conley to breathe, walking down the hall of the ICU at Harrisburg Hospital was important to her because she wanted to meet the people who saved her life.

“When they say you know when you are dying and you are not going to wake back up it is true,” said Conley.

It was Christmas Eve last year that Tina called a friend and asked for help. .

“I said I need you to come to my house and watch me sleep because I am afraid if I go to sleep I will not wake back up and that is what happened. That was on December 24. They put me in the ambulance and rushed me to the hospital and the next thing I remember, I woke up at Harrisburg Hospital and it was almost the third week of February,” said Conley.

Doctors diagnosed Conley with double pneumonia and a severe blood infection.

“I used to do hair and when I would do hair a lot of times as a hairdresser you cut your fingers with the scissors, so I am assuming I probably just cut my finger and chemicals got in,” said Conley.

After several weeks in a coma, Conley had to relearn how to walk and talk. Her recovery is still ongoing but she wanted to thank the staff at PinnacleHealth’s Harrisburg Hospital for caring for her.

“The doctors and nurses at Harrisburg Hospital were fabulous. They were there from day one to the end,” said Conley.

The nurses and doctors who cared for Conley greeted her with flowers and hugs.

“Tina was with us for a long time. She was exceptionally sick and most of us did not think she was going to make it,” said Craig Bunker, ICU RN Harrisburg Hospital. “It is nice to see the end results when someone does get better.”

“She went through a lot and the pneumonia got as bad as it can get. For the first month we were hoping she would make it to the next day. Now she looks terrific,” said Dr. Richard Evans, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine Associates.

“It is just a great pick me up for the staff to see that their work really does matter and it means a lot,”‘ said Joye Gingrich, ICU Nurse Manager, Harrisburg Hospital.

Tina is looking forward to a relaxing Christmas with her family. She will turn 49 in January.

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