Santa comes early for 4-year-old with a big smile

When Santa needed help, he knew just who to call.

You see, there’s this little girl named Yoceli and St. Nick wanted to see that she got an early Christmas surprise so on Tuesday-the man-himself reached out to crews with Pinnacle Health’s Life Team. For the past six months they have helped transport Yoceli Lopez-Ramirez, a 4-year-old quadriplegic who relies on a ventilator.

After spending the morning packing up two van’s worth of children’s toys and gifts for Lopez-Ramirez’s family, crews left for her home.

The unexpected showering of presents served as a welcome distraction. For this family, last Christmas looked a lot different.

“That’s not something I’m really privy too beyond it was a car vs. a child,” said Lopez-Ramirez’s home care provider, Anne Potteiger.

On June 7th, just after her 4th birthday, Yoceli was hit by a car. She was one of two children sit on the same Harrisburg road in one week.

“When I cry she says, ‘No cry Anne!” said Potteiger with a smile.

Pretty, in a pink outfit and matching pink glitter nails, the bubbly young lady loves all things princess and to Santa and his helpers, proved that she is one herself.

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