Only On: Harristown Enterprises unveils new “strawberry”

Broken strawberry from late last year.
Broken strawberry from late last year.

Berry Christmas? Harrisburg received quite the gift when Harristown Enterprises unveiled its brand new “strawberry” to drop next week during its New Year’s Eve festivities.

Panic spread last year when a decade-old fiberglass strawberry fell threes stories to its demise just days before the proper drop on New Year’s Eve. Harristown Enterprises said while crews were hoisting the berry a pulley snapped, which resulted in the city’s symbol to smash into pieces.

Crews worked around-the-clock to build a makeshift strawberry replacement just in time for midnight to strike. To enter a new era, Harristown hired Exhibit Studios to construct a bigger, better berry.

On Tuesday, abc27 was given an exclusive sneak peak of the new strawberry before it is shown to the public next week.

Incoming president of Harristown Enterprises, Bradley Jones, said the realistic-looking eight-foot-tall strawberry boasts 150 LED lights. He said many are happy with the outcome and will make sure everyone gets an opportunity to view the symbol of Harrisburg year-round.

“We think it’s a fantastic replica of a strawberry,” he said. “And, we are excited to find a prominent place to position it…in or around Strawberry Square when it’s not being used for the New Year’s Eve festivities.”

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