Dillsburg man spreads Festivus cheer

For the longest time Dillsburg’s center square had only one holiday display. Now, the square has two. A nativity scene and a large banner representing Festivus.

“Today is Festivus so Happy Festivus from the rest of us,” said creator of the sign, Paul Tucker.

December 23rd is a real holiday, which was made popular by a 1997 Seinfeld episode.

“I decided to do the Festivus thing and I wanted to do it to share some fun with the town,” Tucker said.

Tucker says he’s an atheist and Festivus is the opposite of the commercialism that comes with Christmas. He used cinder blocks to keep the banner weighed down and constructed it right next to Dillsburg’s traditional nativity scene in the heart of town. There’s a pole behind the sign which according to Tucker is the official symbol of Festivus.

“He {Frank Costanza} liked the symbol of the aluminum pole because of it’s high strength to weight ratio, I put it up in my living room next to the Christmas tree, we have a Christmas tree and a Festivus pole,” Tucker said.

Aside from the pole, Festivus has other unusual holiday traditions like the airing of grievances, letting your family members know how they’ve disappointed you over the last year and perhaps the most popular part of the holiday — the feats of strength.

Where the head of the household challenges one member of the family to a wrestling match and Festivus is not over until the challenger pins the other.

“There’s the feats of strength which my son will not wrestle me because it might hurt my back,” said Tucker.

Tucker plans on putting the “Happy Festivus” banner back up next year in December.

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