Hear from our clients! Good Day PA works for local businesses!

Since its launch in September 2013, WHTM/abc27’s lifestyle program, Good Day PA, has worked for local businesses. As clients have repeatedly noted, their bottom lines have grown thanks to the exposure they received on Good Day PA.

Susan Fotos, owner of Higashi Jewelry & Eyewear in Lemoyne, initially appeared on Good Day PA as a test but then signed up for an annual commitment. According to Fotos, the program is the only advertising medium that she has utilized that has produced an instantaneous boost in foot traffic.

“I remember doing the story about the bracelets and the next morning, waiting at the door, were people saying, ‘I want to see those bracelets,'” she noted. “We did a whole watch series and one of the things was a watch with hummingbirds and people drove — one person drove from Perry County — I mean people came in looking to see that watch.”

Hollywood Casino of Grantville is another bi-monthly client of Good Day PA. The venue has experienced that showcasing the casino’s many dining options has cooked up business. The casino has showcased burgers, steaks, seafood, beer, wine and even a chocolate fountain in abc27’s kitchen.

“We did our lobster promotion for Final Cut and we went from sales of three to 24,” said Hollywood Casino Executive Chef Allan Rupert. “The promotions that are the right demographic for the show work wonderfully.

“People come in after seeing our food on the show. Their expectations are raised and they’re ready to go. They expect something great and then it’s up to us to deliver.”

Dr. Michael Gilbert, owner of Gilbert Physical Therapy in Mechanicsburg, said that his monthly appearances on Good Day PA have strengthened his bottom line.

“It has allowed us to reach a wide spectrum of our general public which, a lot of times, is sitting home suffering from pain,” Gilbert noted.

During one segment, Gilbert offered offered his book “Pain Free Motion for Your Lower Back” to viewers. The response was an immediate one.

“We had upwards of 70 calls within that day and the following day just for the book alone as well as some free screens that we had that day.

“(Good Day PA) allows us to continue getting different marketing messages out quickly and effectively which, for us, has worked better than print media as well as different direct mails.”

Carlisle Events brought vehicles to Good Day during the Spring and Summer and found that the props were a great way to highlight their events.

“That’s one of the cool things that abc27 allows with Good Day PA is that you have the space within your back lot or even in the studio, to showcase.”received

The exposure that Carlisle Events proved to be a unique way to showcase their shows and attract event attendees.

“In this TV market, with four networks and four local affiliates, I feel that what abc27 has with Good Day PA is unique,” Garland explained. “It’s something that the other three stations don’t necessarily offer.”

Not only do businesses receive LIVE, on-air exposure, their messages live on with placement for 30 days at GoodDayPA.com. Information is shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, paid clients receive a professional, digital copy of their segment to use however they choose and for however long they choose.

To learn more about Good Day PA, you are invited to read articles and watch videos at GoodDayPA.com. In addition, you may request to join us by clicking here: Be a Guest.

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