CV confirms 2 whooping cough cases

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Cumberland Valley School District has been made aware of two diagnosed cases of pertussis, also knows at whooping cough.

An official confirmed one case at the high school and another at Silver Spring Elementary. The district said it will follow all protocols as outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The district sent a letter home with students who may have come in contact with those who were infected.

Pertussis is a highly contagious disease. People get it by breathing in airborne droplets from the nose or mouth of an already
infected person.

Health officials say people can experience symptoms 5 to 10 days after exposure, but it could take as long at 20 days to develop.

The Health Department encourages the adequate vaccination of children as the best step in controlling the spread of the disease.

The school district will continue to monitor students and staff and will refer people who exhibit symptoms to a doctor.

Custodial crews are using hospital-grade disinfectant to clean surfaces throughout the buildings.

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