Secret Santa pays off $50K in Walmart layaway bills

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – About 100 Midstate families experienced an early Christmas miracle Monday. A secret Santa walked into the Walmart in Silver Spring Township and paid off all of their outstanding layaway bills.

“He wants to remain completely anonymous and just wants to be known as ‘Santa B’,” store manager Steve Myers said.

Myers said ‘Santa B’ cut a personal check for $50,000 on the day all final layaway payments were due.

“It’s amazing — very grateful for whoever did it. We don’t know who, but you know it’s nice for someone to do that,” Mimi Rodriguez, a Harrisburg mother of eight, told abc27.

Joseph and Sally Miller of Camp Hill were relieved of $400 worth of gifts for their grandchildren.

“That just goes to show you — God is working with all of us,” Sally Miller said.

Brittny Coeyman said she was planning to drop several items, including a bike for her daughter, off her layaway list due to low funds this month. She told abc27 she’s incredibly grateful she doesn’t have to do that.

“I feel like a million pounds of stress are off my shoulders right now,” Coeyman said.

Walmart insists this was no inside job. Myers could not explain how ‘Santa B’ knew to donate almost the exact amount owed on layaway.

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