Santa brings joy to boy with medical needs

Santa is no doubt the best gift giver of all time, and this year he brought a lot of joy to a mom and her son with the gift of time.

“He had tubes coming out of his belly and I looked at him and said tell me what is going on,” said Santa.

Eight-year-old Vincent Drake is from Camp Hill. He has a very rare genetic disorder that effects his immune system called 22q.

“Every Sunday he has to do a treatment where we stick two needles in his stomach. We basically pump him full of human plasma to give him an immune system. We were at the Capital City Mall on his treatment day and he is very shy about it and he does not like to have a lot of attention for it, but he wanted to tell Santa,” said Kelly Drake, Vincent’s Mom

Kelly watched as her normally shy son opened up to Santa.

“Vince pulled his shirt up and they were looking at the needles and he pulled out his pump and they were looking at his pump,” said Kelly Drake. “There was a line of people and Santa just took the time to listen to him.”

Then Santa shared a little about himself with Vincent.

“I told him to be strong and I said I have type 2 diabetes and I showed him how I test myself twice a day for my blood sugar levels. He was sort of energized by that thought,” said Santa.

“When my son walked away it was just magic. He felt like he was not alone he felt like somebody got him,” said Kelly Drake.

It was a few extra moments that will make a lifetime of a difference for a little boy

“There is so much joy if people just slow down and take their time,” said Santa. “It was precious moment, that is all I can say.”


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