Manheim Central Proposes Options for Doe Run Elementary

Lancaster, Pa. (WHTM) – Options regarding what to do with Doe Run Elementary were laid out at a recent board meeting and people are split between knocking it down and restarting or fixing the current building.

Contractors have said both inside and out of Doe Run is not safe for students or staff.

“It is frustrating, I personally couldn’t believe it when they said it needed to be fixed already,” said Judy Marshall of Manheim Township.

Cracks in the walls have led to this point.

The solution? Either fix the existing building or put up a new one.

Starting from scratch and re-building would be the most expensive option, costing around $47 million.

“I think I’d rather have them fix it if it’s feasible, it depends on the cost between knocking it down and fixing it I don’t want to have to pay more taxes because of it,” said Marshall.

Other community members keeping a close eye on the school’s building problem want it to come down.

“If it’s as bad as they say, I would knock it down and start over,” said John Cooper of Manheim. “I would want it as sound as possible for the children’s safety.”

The next board meeting to discuss the options will be Monday, December 15th.

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