Grief Support Services in Schools

It’s a fact of life. 1 child in 20 will have a parent die before they graduate from high school.

The Caring Place in Lemoyne has been helping grieving children for more than a decade. Now, it has a new program to help even more kids.

The Caring Place is taking its grief counseling services to schools.

Instead of going to the Caring Place, grieving children can get together with other kids at school.  “Part of the purpose of having grief support groups physically in schools is we know that’s where we can access the kids and the students,” said John Kajic of The Caring Place.

The Mechanicsburg School District is one of the first in the Midstate to bring The Caring Place to class.

Six students are part of the Breakfast Club at Mechanicsburg High.

Bonding in a safe place with friends, the kids realize they are not alone. “By bringing students together to be able to lean on each other and talk to each other about their experiences, it made them feel that they have other people in the school who support and understand what they’re going through,” said Mechanicsburg School Counselor Gail Hiestand.

The kids usually get together once a week and the lengths of the sessions vary.

Services provided by The Caring Place are free to children and their families.

The Caring Place hopes to touch and help more young people with its Grief Peer Support Services. For more information, go

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