Online shopping brings shipping boom, Internet warnings

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Cyber Monday has come and gone, and for many it’s just the start of the online shopping season.

At the U.S. Postal Service’s Harrisburg package processing plant, they anticipate about 2.5 million packages this holiday season, which is up from last year.

Things were already picking up Monday night.

“We’ve had double-digit increases in package volume in the last 3 years…we expect that to continue this year,” Senior Plant Manager Christopher Alexander said. “People are doing more online shopping so we got more packages from the business to customer.”

Savvy shoppers aren’t the only one’s online. Cyber thieves are also on the prowl.

Officials from around the country warned buyers to beware of scams.

Here in the Midstate, abc27 received reports of so-called knockoff websites, which look a lot like the real thing.

Authorities want people to make sure they are on a secure website by checking to see if the URL starts with https:// and a padlock symbol on the page.

Also, watch out for emails and phone calls urging for contact information and credit card numbers.

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