Driver killed after truck crashes into medical clinic

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – A tractor trailer driver was killed after a truck left I-81 and crashed into a pain management clinic near Carlisle.

It happened late Monday night on Jennifer Court, right across the street from Carlisle Regional Medical Center in South Middleton Township.

County officials said the milk tanker, driven by 61-year-old David Shew of Chambersburg, careened off the highway between the College Street and Plainfield exits around 11 p.m., overturned on its side, and crashed into the Carlisle Regional Pain Management Clinic.  The driver died at the scene.

Officials did not discuss any potential causes for the crash.  No skid marks were found on the roadway.

Cleanup took several hours because of three factors; the milk had to be being transferred to another tanker, the stability of the building was in question, and the truck was resting against an active MRI machine.

“One of the firefighter’s tools is up attached to the magnetic force on the MRI machine,” said Cumberland County PIO John Bruetsch.  “It’s a very strong magnet. So if you go in there with metal, you’re gonna get sucked into the machine.  So they’re playing it safe.  They don’t know what kind of damage the machine sustained.  They want to play it safe, get it deactivated totally.”

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