York County auctions off drug dealers’ possessions

York County held its annual seized-vehicle auction on Black Friday.

Instead of hitting the big box stores, hundreds gathered off Roosevelt Avenue to check out big toys.

Orlando Millan said the auction has become an annual tradition.

“I come here every year,” he said. “Thanksgiving, have the turkey and you come out, just move around and see what’s here.”

Ninety-five cars, trucks, SUVs, four-wheelers and anything else with an engine was being sold for at least $500. Sharon Dorsey said she once bought a car from the auction.

“Once in a while you can pick up something decent for a good price,” she said.

The auction is run by the York County Drug Task Force and the items sold, including 125 electronics, were seized from criminals.

York County District Attorney Tom Kearney said you never know what will be on the auction block. This year a farm tractor seized from a marijuana growing bust was included.

“It’s a pig in a poke,” he said, “and that’s the fun of it.”

Kearney said the money made from the auction goes back into the Drug Task Force program.

“It’s a win-win situation,” Kearney said. “People get great a deal. We get to fight bad guys.”

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