Mid-State family spends Thanksgiving Day giving thanks by serving

 One Mid-State family spent Thanksgiving Day giving thanks by serving dinner.

Elaine McAleer and her family made the dinner for guests of the Ronald McDonald house in Hershey. These houses offer free lodging, meals and support all across the country for families that have children receiving medical care at nearby hospitals. 

Two years ago Elaine’s daughter stayed here for 2-1/2 months while her two-year old granddaughter Arianna was at Hershey Children’s Hospital. Elaine is grateful for what Ronald McDonald house provided her daughter.

“A place of comfort for her to come to,” Elaine said. “And I couldn’t do enough to thank them for what they’ve done for my family. So hopefully this is a little bit of a start.”

“Our family loves to come help and give back,” said Arianna’s cousin Katie Swade. “It’s been very fun and a very nice Thanksgiving to spend with my family and to be helping others as well.”

Two of the people that are enjoying the meal are going through what the McAleer family went through two years ago.

“It’s a blessing that people take the time out of their day when they could be home with their family and just to be here for the families that need the support,” said Heather Dietrich of Williamstown. “I think it’s truly awesome.”

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